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3 Examples Of A Bad Roofing Job

There are more than 129,890 roofers currently operating businesses worldwide and repairing roofs to ensure people living inside are safe and sound. Although there are thousands of roofers, they don’t have the same skillset, which you want to avoid.

If you’ve recently had your roof done, you might be wondering what some examples of a bad roofing job are, and we’re here to answer all your questions. Continue reading now and learn what to look for when you call the professionals to install your new roof.

1. Missing Shingles

When you have your roof done over time, it’s a given that you will be exposing your roof to natural wear and tear from the elements. This can result in several of the commercial roof shingles becoming damaged, and severe conditions could result in the complete removal of some of the shingles.

However, as stated, this should happen over a period of time, but if you notice these things start to happen after you’ve hired a roofer, it could be a sign of a bad roofing job. When shingles come off easily after a roofing job, it means the roofer didn’t take their time installing a roof, which is a sign of carelessness.

If this is the case, the best thing to do is have someone inspect the roof to help you understand the extent of what’s happening so you can ensure it doesn’t happen again.

2. Roofer Reused the Flashing

When you have a new roof installed, the materials used should be new, so you need to have a roofing project budget set before you begin searching for the right contractor. If you notice the roofing company is reusing old materials in an effort to reduce overall cost, it’s a violation of code, and you should stop the project at once.

Reusing old materials for your roof can leave you susceptible to more damage and cause future issues like water damage from a potential leak.

3. No Underlayment

If you want to ensure water stays out of your home, your roof will need a roof underlayment. This is essential to waterproof your roof and provides extra protection and support to the shingles.

If the roofer does not place an underlayment down before installing the shingles, it can cause your roof to deteriorate much quicker. This means that you will replace your roof again in a few years before it’s time too.

A commercial roofing project isn’t cheap, and no one wants to replace it every couple of years because it was installed poorly the first time.

Examples of A Bad Roofing Job: Signs to Lookout For

There are several examples of a bad roofing job that you should be able to notice. Examples such as missing underlayment and the roofer reusing old materials.

If you want to ensure your roof is installed right the first time, the only people you need to call are us. We’re Matrix Roofing and can help with roof replacement, maintenance, coating, and more. Contact us today.

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