Matrix Roofing Systems, Inc.



As a roofing company serving multiple industries, Matrix Roofing understands their impact on businesses throughout the Mid Atlantic. We collaborate with business owners and property managers to craft the perfect roofing solution for your building. We create long standing partnerships with companies by installing your roofing solution, quickly, efficiently, with the most minimal impact on the functionality of your business. Explore our roofing types below.

Roofing Types

single applied membrane

Single Ply Membrane

The best roof option for commercial durability and resiliency. Sheets of rubber adhered to ballasted or insulation which creates layers of protection for your building. It is important to hire a reliable roofing expert like Matrix Roofing to ensure your roofing solution best accommodates your building and it’s unique needs and environment.

liquid applied membrane

Liquid Applied Membrane & Coating Systems

Protect from weather, environmental, and other elements. Can extend the lifeline of roofs by eliminating failure points which commonly occur with aging roofs.



The most common type of roofing for steep sloped or pitched roofs. We offer business owners a diverse array of manufacturers, colors, and designs. Matrix Roofing can find the roofing solution that matches your buildings aesthetic as well as your budget.

Modified & Built Up Roof Repair

A roofing system complied from multiple layers of roofing piles adhered together. The roof system includes a gravel layer or coating which enables the Matrix team of roofing experts to cover an existing failed system.

roof replacement services

Roof Replacement

You need a trusted company to remove an existing roof and install a new roof, all while protecting the people and assets within your building. Matrix Roofing can remove your roof at the end of its life cycle, repair any structural elements and ensure the longevity of your new roofing system.