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Smart Considerations for Your Commercial Flat Roof


All commercial roofs require professional attention from time to time. While a new flat roof can go years without needing repairs, it is still a good idea to get an annual inspection to catch minor problems before they become large ones. After a few years, though, your roof might need a few minor repairs and other cost-effective services. When dealing with roofing matters, it is essential to use best practices to increase the longevity of your roof. Most roofing material manufacturers require building owners to keep yearly, documented inspections on their warranted roof systems.

At Matrix Roofing Systems, we strive to keep your roofing system in excellent shape. Our service team knows that setting up an intelligent maintenance plan offers a long list of benefits and cost savings.

A Comprehensive Maintenance Plan 

Preventing your roof from leaking does not end with installing a new roof. There are still elements that require attention almost every year. Sometimes your roof might also need a little TLC after a storm or a period of intense weather. A comprehensive plan improves function by looking at your complete roof system:

  • The timely removal of debris such as leaves and branches.
  • The clearing of gutters, drains, and scuppers improves water flow and prevents pooling.
  • Regular inspections that proactively identify future problems.
  • The completion of minor repairs before problem areas cause water damage.

At some point, you might benefit from more advanced inspections or other services. This could involve infrared roof surveys, CAD drawings, and roof coatings.

An Attention to Important Roof Areas

An experienced roofing contractor knows that some roof regions are likely to show wear and tear first. Tie-ins between roof sections, where two different materials meet, should always be closely examined to prevent leaks. Field seams, flashings, skylights, vents, and piping require special attention. Heavy traffic areas should also be monitored more frequently, as they are the most likely to get damaged. At Matrix Roofing, we have the skill to care for all of your flat roofing needs. Call our team today at 267-642-5027.

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