Roofing material used on industrial roofs often deteriorates at a far faster rate than your typical building. Depending on your industrial buildings operations, certain chemicals and exhausts can cause decline to your roofing system. Our team of experienced roofing experts can assess and implement the most beneficial and long lasting roofing system for your industrial building.

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Hiring a commercial roofer is no small task. Your roof is your protection from your business and the outside elements. You want to ensure you are partnering with a roofing company who completes high quality work with minimal disruptions to your commercial building. At Matrix we specialize in commercial roofing and can efficiently install the perfect roof solution or repair.

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In multi family and apartment buildings, keeping track of roofing maintenance can be a difficult task. Matrix Roofing is a professional and timely roofer with experience to make sure minor issues are resolved before they become large costly repairs that affect your buildings residents.


We recognize that when attending churches, schools, and universities, safety is of the upmost focus. We understand the importance of a roofing company you can count on. At Matrix Roofing we also want to ensure the atheistic of your roof continues to mesh with your existing structure. Matrix Roofing serves the institutional sector with experience in working with boards of directors and other groups to complete a job on time and on budget.


While roofing is always an important aspect of any building, it is especially important in the health care industry. While we leave patient care to the medical professionals, you can count on the experts at Matrix to take care of your building’s roof. Regular roof maintenance is crucial in healthcare buildings to avoid equipment and supply damage as well as keep facilities fully operational at all times.

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In April of 1992 Jeff Hartsock inspected a roof on my facility. The original roof from 1973 had been patched and re-covered numerous times. Jeff recommended a Firestone EPDM roof system to completely cover the existing roof, which measured 49,400 square feet, to stop the numerous leaks that had been wreaking havoc on our production facility since the late 1970s. A thermal scan of the roof was recommended to locate wet insulation for removal and replacement. The EPDM roof installation was completed in August of 1992 and after almost 20 years of service and only minor repairs due to what I consider normal wear, the material and workmanship has held up beautifully.

Matrix roofing has been responsible for all our roofing needs since, including the replacement of a Hypalon roof with a GAF TPO system to cover 42,000 square feet, a 12,000 square foot asphalt shingle section that covers our offices, and a second TPO roof on an older area of our mixing plant. Matrix Roofing also replaced a few thousand square feet of skylight that covers our production room. I am completely satisfied with the professionalism of the sales, supervisory and installation personnel. I would recommend Jeff Hartsock and Matrix Roofing to any of my professional colleagues considering re-roofing their facilities.

Joe Windish, Engineering & Facilities Manager
CRC Industries, Inc., Warminster, PA

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