Your Metal Roof Retrofit Explained

A metal roof can last from 30 to 45 years. In comparison, asphalt roofing can only last from 12 to 20 years. Therefore, it’s understandable why you would want to replace your existing roof with a metal one. 

However, a complete roof replacement can be expensive. A cheaper option would be a metal roof retrofit. If you’re interested in learning more about metal roof retrofit processes, read the guide below. 

What Is a Metal Roof Retrofit?

When roofing technicians go through a roof retrofit, they essentially put a new roof system directly over an old one. This is different than a roof replacement. With that process, the roofers would completely tear off the old roof system and then rebuild it. 

What Are Some Benefits of a Metal Roof Retrofit? 

As mentioned, a retrofit is much cheaper than a total roof replacement. In addition, the former construction process takes less time. This means that any business within a commercial building can cease production/service for a shorter amount of time. 

Beyond that, a layer of metal roofing adds an extra layer of protection. This will make your commercial building’s roof more fireproof, weatherproof, and insulated. It will also have a longer lifespan.

What Are Some Different Metal Roof Retrofit Processes? 

The type of roof retrofit approach that roofers choose depends on the features of the roof they’re presented with. They must consider the roof’s slope, framing, original roofing, and gutter system. Damage such as rotting wood is essential to consider as well.

Compact Retrofit System 

This is the more minimal option out of the two main approaches. It adds as little framing and height as possible. It’s the best choice when a roof has an external gutter system and a minimal slope. 

One benefit of a compact retrofit system is that it’s much more cost-effective than the frame-up retrofit style. The other benefit is that there is no extra insulation between the two roofing layers.

Frame-Up Retrofit System

A frame-up retrofit process will add a completely new frame on top of the old roof system. This is often the best choice when the existing commercial roof has an internal draining system. In this case, rainwater would be unable to drain without the slope increase that a new frame can add to the roof. 

Owners usually have a say in how much they want the roof slope to increase. Many will opt for a smaller increase so that the building looks similar aesthetically. Others will increase the slope for such reasons as addressing leaks and hiding mechanicals. 

Order a Metal Roof Retrofit From Us 

In sum, a metal roof retrofit is a great option for those who want the added durability of a metal roof but not the cost of a roof replacement. This process can fit a wide variety of roof types as well.  

If you think you want a metal roof retrofit on your Mid-Atlantic commercial building, consider our services. Our business is certified, OSHA compliant, and in tune with all recent technological advancements. Contact us today to inquire about your next roofing project. 

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