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Understanding Your Commercial Roof Replacement Scope of Work

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the average lifespan of a commercial roof is 17 years. Commercial roof replacement is in the cards for building owners and managers.

Understanding the scope of work for a commercial roof replacement project can seem daunting. It will often involve multiple stakeholders and significant investments.

In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when replacing a commercial roof and how to ensure a successful project outcome. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the subject.

Description of the Project

The first thing you’ll want to have is a detailed description of the existing roof. Be sure to include the type of roof, age, and any other known issues or concerns.

Before the roof replacement process begins, the contractor will do a thorough inspection. They’ll see if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed before the roof replacement can be completed.

Make sure to address any underlying structural issues, such as damaged trusses or sagging beams. Failure to address these issues can lead to further problems down the line.

You also want the description of the project to include the size and shape of the roof. There are all different types of roofing, so being aware of any unique features or obstacles beforehand is a must. Doing so will help the contractor determine the right materials and equipment and the best approach for the commercial roof replacement project.

Materials and Equipment

The next thing you’ll want to know for your commercial roof replacement scope of work is what materials and equipment will be used. For example—the type of roofing system, insulation, fasteners, adhesives, specialized equipment, etc.

The contractor will choose materials and equipment appropriate for the project’s specific needs. Size, shape, weather, and the client’s budget all play a factor.

The materials and equipment for the new commercial roof need to be durable and long-lasting too.

Work Schedule

Another element to consider in a commercial roof replacement scope of work is the work schedule. This will include the timeline (start and end dates), milestones, deadlines, etc.

The contractor and client will work together to develop a realistic and achievable work schedule. Be sure to factor in any potential delays or unforeseen circumstances.

Everyone needs to be on board and on the same page. This includes subcontractors, suppliers, and the building owner or manager.

Safety Requirements

For any commercial roof project, safety requirements are a top priority. The work scope should include permits, safety equipment, and procedures. Failure to do so can result in fines or delays.

The contractor will have a comprehensive safety plan in place. All workers need to be properly trained and equipped to perform the task safely and soundly.

The roof replacement process will also include regular safety inspections which will identify and address any potential hazards or risks.

Quality Standards

Be sure to include quality standards with your commercial roofing scope of work. This will specify the quality standards the project must meet, industry-specific standards, and regulations.

All parties involved (contractors, clients, etc.) need to be on the same page with the quality standards being clearly defined and understood. This way, the new roof will meet or exceed the specific standards for the commercial roofing project.

Warranty and Maintenance

Your scope of work should include any warranties on materials and workmanship. This will include things like the following:

  • Warranty on materials
  • Workmanship
  • Recommended maintenance procedures
  • Regular inspections
  • Cleanings

Contact information from the contractor to the client is needed in case any issues arise with the new commercial roof.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan the replacement ahead of time to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business operations. Schedule the work during a slow period, if possible.

Communicate with Stakeholders

Inform all relevant stakeholders of the commercial roof replacement project, including tenants, employees, and neighboring businesses. Keep them updated on the progress of the work and any potential disruptions.

Choose a Reliable Contractor

You want to make sure you’re in good hands, so hiring a reliable roofing contractor is a must. Be sure to see if they have a good reputation for quality workmanship. Request references and verify their license and insurance.

Consider Roof Coatings

Roof coatings can extend the lifespan of a roof and reduce the need for replacement. They can also improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs.

Consider Environmental Impacts

Choose a roofing material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. For example, some roofing materials are made from recycled materials or can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Keep Tenants Informed

If the building has tenants, keep them informed of the roof replacement project and any expected disruptions to their business operations. Give them plenty of advance notice and work with them to minimize any negative impact.

Keep Records

Keep detailed records of the roof replacement project, including all contracts, permits, and inspections. This information can be useful if there are any issues down the line or if you need to sell the property.

We’re Here for Your Commercial Roof Replacement

A well-defined scope of work is essential for any commercial roof replacement project. It helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, that the project is completed to the desired quality standards, and that building operations are not disrupted unnecessarily. By working with a qualified and experienced contractor and developing a comprehensive scope of work, building owners and managers can protect their investment and ensure the long-term success of their roofing project.

If you’re in business for commercial roof replacement, be sure to request an appointment with Matrix Roofing right away.

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